July 20, 2020

Freddie Mac remains committed to enhancing its data intelligence portal, Clarity, for the CRT community. Clarity continues to provide easy access to transaction and performance data across Freddie Mac’s STACR (Structured Agency Credit Risk) and ACIS (Agency Credit Insurance Structure) offerings. With its most recent release, Clarity now includes the Single-Family Historical Loan-Level Dataset.

Introducing Historical Dataset Dashboards

Clarity’s new dashboards offer functionalities to analyze Freddie Mac Single-Family Historical Loan-Level Dataset. These include:

  • Summary origination characteristics by cohort (e.g., by vintage or disposition year and by OLTV, CLTV, DTI and FICO groups) 
  • Historical delinquency and losses by cohort
  • Disposition severity and timeline by judicial and non-judicial states

Enhancements to CRT Dashboards

Given current events, Freddie Mac has prioritized Clarity enhancements to provide greater transparency into delinquency and disaster exposure for CRT transactions. These include:

  • New Disaster Matrix dashboard summarizing loan performance of impacted loans by various disasters
  • Disaster filters to isolate and analyze delinquent loans due to disasters, including COVID-19
  • Top States filters to parse out transaction data by geography
  • Historical look-back within the Delinquency Matrix of up to 12 months

Later this month, Clarity will include a new Borrower Assistance Flag to display information on loans in Forbearance, Repayment, or Trial Period regardless of delinquency.

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